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Glen Lipka

VP, User Experience

"I've enjoyed working with Edwin over the past few years to fill a variety of UX positions. He excelled in developing positive relationships with the candidates. They trusted him completely and were open to the position because of the time, energy and love he poured into the conversations.

Despite living in Hawaii (I'm jealous) he was always online when I was. He seemed to be 24/7. He has excellent follow-up discipline, which I especially appreciated. He has been my ambassador of Quan and I hope I get to work with him more in the future"

Peter Lai

Director, Server Engineering Team at Marketo

"Edwin is a top notch engineering recruiter. He recruited many quality engineers for my team. First class service. Super responsive. He understands what I want and at the same time has a good read at the job market and the candidates' needs. Once there is a match, he is extremely good in closing the deal and nurturing the candidate till he/she shows up in the office. I wish Edwin could stay with us longer."

Kim Broadbeck

VP of Human Resources

"Edwin did a fantastic job recruiting Engineering candidates for us. In addition to knowing how to find needle-in-a-haystack talent, he has excellent candidate management skills and kept our tough group of hiring managers happy, too! Highly recommended and I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again someday!"

Loe Lee

User Experience Designer

"Edwin is a force. He recruited me to work at Marketo and I watched him build out our incredibly talented Product and Engineering team. As the company grew and changed, Edwin was there to fuel that growth and to build out new teams and roles to increase efficiency as the company expanded. On a personal note, Edwin is a really positive, honest colleague. I think he was key to perpetuating a culture of transparency and camaraderie at Marketo"

Carl Sweet

Director of Staffing, Marketo - managed Edwin at Marketo

"I have hired Edwin at a number of companies and at each one, he has been my "go to" recruiter. Edwin has a unique gift of not only being a steller recruiter, but able to manage expectations with hiring managers, ability to enhance and build recruiting process and is always there when you need him. Edwin shall always be my go to recruiter and will continue to use him in the future."

Bryce Yan

Director, Quality, Performance, and Database Engineering, Marketo

"I worked with several recruiters at Marketo but recruiting didn't pick up until Edwin arrived. Edwin was super organized, responsive, and resourceful. He saved a lot of time for me as the hiring manager and he was great with closing recruits as well. I highly recommend Edwin's recruiting services."

Jianghui (Jane) Liu

Sr. Software Engineer, Marketo - worked with Edwin at Marketo

"As a recruiter, Edwin gave me a very good impression about the company I'm going to work for. He's very detailed, provide as much information he can up front. He tried his best to make the interviewing/hiring process smooth and pleasant. I really think he's one of the best recruiter I have never worked with in my 10 years working experience."

Justin Hernandez

user experience and technology nerd with an undying thirst for knowledge

"Edwin made my experience interviewing and on-boarding at Marketo painless and rewarding. He's great at listening to your concerns and questions and works hard to make sure you're completely satisfied before you sign on the dotted line. He made me comfortable enough to move across the country! I've worked with a lot of recruiters and Edwin stands out as the best, by far."

Zhu Cai

Software Engineer at Marketo

"Edwin recruited me to Marketo, he is a super efficient recruiter and easy-going person."

Sui Yan

Tell stories with big data

"I had great experience with the recruiting process driven by Edwin. Personally, Edwin is one of the most friendly people you can imagine. He cares a lot about people's career growth and delivers high value at low cost to both business and candidates. Professionally, Edwin has years of experience hiring in technology and have deep understandings in roles like design, front-end, back-end, product, data, IT, etc. He is also one of the best recruiter out there who's familiar with social hiring using hot platforms like Linkedin. I'm glad to recommend Edwin to any organization."

Jamie Martin

Senior UX Designer at Marketo

"Edwin is the best recruiter I've ever worked with. He made me feel comfortable with every step of my out-of-state relocation. The entire time I felt like he had my back and was on my side and wanted what was best for me. I look forward to working with him in the future and any company is better with him on their team."

Mickey Alon

Co-Founder, CEO at Insightera

"Edwin supported Insightera in Israel (acquired by MKTO) and was able to help us in getting quality leads and hires. He covered all of Engineering and Operations at Marketo for several years and was a great asset to the product team!"

Jason Lee

Product Manager, Mobile at Polyvore

"Edwin was awesome during my recruitment, always making sure I had all the information I needed without putting undue pressure on me to make a decision. Additionally, he was incredibly friendly and had all the intangibles that put a candidate at ease through what is generally a stressful process. He would be an asset to any team he joins."

Jean Ro

Senior Software Engineer at Marketo

"Edwin was a really great recruiter - he was super helpful when I had any questions about the company or the interview process."